ViewPoint: Teacher sets a terrible example

May 1, 2008

Dozens of high school seniors showed up at Coffee County High school last week ready to go to Disney World.

It wasn't some field trip paid for by the school. Their bags were packed for their senior trip. A trip they saved for and paid for themselves. But much to their surprise there was not trip. They learned a hard lesson.

The students learned that even one of their teachers could not be trusted. $7,400 was collected by a substitute teacher, but no trip was actually ever scheduled. What a shameless act. Now substitute teacher Christy Wise is charged with Theft by Conversion.

Now it is time for the authorities to teach a lesson. Prosecutors, we call on you to go after this thief who not only stole their money but stole their trust.

Let us teach these young victims just how wrong it is to steal and deceive. If she is convicted, make her pay back every penny and put her in jail.