ViewPoint: Dog fighting hasn't ended

May 6, 2008

Since the incarceration of the most widely known figure in the cruel and bloody debauchery of dog fighting has been quietly serving his time, out of sight and out of the headlines, there is the inclination to think the problem has gone away.

Recent arrests in Albany and Moultrie should remind us that it clearly has not.  Just because we are not hearing Michael Vick's name and the loud impassioned protests from animal rights activists that were seen on the evening newscasts, we should know that there are still plenty of people out there who continue this activity.

We call on the various agencies of law enforcement to be aware that there is much more work to do here.

We call on the public at large, to quickly report anything they see or hear that might indicate organized dog fighting.

People who will force dogs to fight each other almost always kill the dogs that will not fight.

Dogs that do fight, and 'win'; Survive is a better term,  will end up fighting a dog eventually it can't beat, and the result will be death also.

Either way, it ends in death for the dogs, and untold cruelty and suffering along the way.

People who care so little for animals aren't likely to care much about your life either, and little may be done to rehabilitate them.

But stopping their activity now is a first step to ending this ghastly practice before it infects another generation.