ViewPoint: There are two Georgias when it comes to water, too

We've all known for at least a generation that there are two Georgias.  Greater Atlanta and its suburbs-- and the rest of us,  The 'Greater Atlanta' Georgia has the funding for education, economic development,  the mass transit, and the opportunities.

The other Georgia? Not so much.

But there's also another important difference in the two Georgias. Down south, we seem to have plenty of water, while Lake Lanier is still 13 feet below normal, which isn't good news for Atlanta's drinking water supply.

The state government has tinkered around the edges of the water restrictions we've all been under for a couple of years now. The governor graciously allows us to water our yards three days per week from Midnight to 10AM.

While the south Georgia Restriction are looser that those in Atlanta, We believe they are still to tight.

It's not our fault that the Army Corps of Engineers released 22 billion gallons too much water from Lake Lanier. It's also not our fault that Atlanta's sewer system is a hundred years old, and leaks water like the proverbial sieve.

We're not advocating wasting water. On the contrary, we all ought to use our resources wisely, but regions that have been blessed with near normal rainfall are in a much better position than those that haven't. We ought to have looser restrictions here as a result.