ViewPoint: State bails out ASU's stadium SNAFU

The Board of Regents recently stepped up  financially for Albany State University, and for Albany and Dougherty County.

The Board of Regents' recent decision to help ASU pay off their two million dollar stadium debt has been met with mixed reviews.   

Some have compared the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech's ability to build their own stadiums with the help of alumni and friends. 

Albany State's alumni raised funds for the stadium as well, but when you consider the mere size of UGA and GA Tech, contrasted to Albany State, you know that we're talking about two much larger institutions and much larger alumni groups compared to a smaller institution and alumni group.  

President Freeman proposed a student fee increase to help retire the debt; a debt he inherited  when he came on board as president.   By securing this funding from the Board of Regents, Albany State students will no longer face the possibility of  that fee increase  to help with the debt. 

That can only be a plus for the students and their families during these hard economic times.    

 Some premature  decisions were made in regard to building the stadium before full funding was secured-- a lesson hopefully learned. 

Albany State will now be able to begin the design work for the Ray Charles Performing Arts and Academic Center which will be a major plus to not only the ASU campus, but to the entire SW Georgia community.