State Rep. Freddie Powell Sims wants Senate seat

Freddie Powell Sims
Freddie Powell Sims
John White
John White

April 21, 2008

Albany  --  Another candidate has come forward wanting to represent South Georgia in the state Senate. State Representative Freddie Powell Sims will be running against John White for Senate District 12.

Sims has represented Dougherty County in the House for the past four years and is ready to move up to the Senate. John White says he is ready for the competition.

Voters now have another choice this fall for Senate District 12 seat.  "My decision to run is an easy one. I have spent four years in the House. I was a pretty quick study. So it made sense to move to the next level," Freddie Powell Sims told us.

Sims has represented Dougherty County in House District 151. Along with her past experiences, she has been preparing for the Senate. "There were transportation, economic development meetings throughout the state, and I attended as many as I could."

John White is the only other candidate who's announced for the senatorial seat being vacated by Michael Meyer Von Bremen. "It appears that the District Attorney and one or two other Republicans masking as Democrats have found themselves a candidate. I am not going to change my campaign. I am taking my candidacy to the people in the seven counties," said White.

Along with healthcare and improved transportation, one of the changes both hope to bring to Southwest Georgia is economic development. "That is something I can work closely with being a part of the economic development committee for the past four years," said Sims.

"With my past years as a legislator, I have made contacts all around the country, and some outside the country. I am certainly able to bring industry into this side of the state. We are in difficult times, and we must do different things to bring development into this part of the state," said White.

Despite the difference in tactics, it will be the voters who decide who will get to carry them out in Atlanta.

Meyer von Bremen has held the seat for the past 10 years. He will be leaving the seat to run for a position on the Georgia Court of Appeals.