ViewPoint: START Kickoff

April 22, 2008

You probably know that heart disease is the number one killer in America.  You may not know that seven in ten of us don't get enough exercise. 

But here's the good news . . .  something as simple as a little bit of walking can dramatically decrease your chance of getting heart disease.

The American Heart Association just kicked off a new program called START that makes it easy for you to start walking and to monitor your progress.  It's catching on in Albany.  The city is jumping on board. 

They designated downtown as Albany's official outdoor walking area.  The Albany Mall is the official indoor track.  And Phoebe Putney Hospital is the city's first fit friendly company.  They're encouraging all their employees to start walking to stay healthy.

We salute those groups for recognizing the importance of having a healthy community.  And if you're not getting regular exercise, we hope you'll get off the couch and get walking. 

Businesses and individuals can go the Heart Association website for more information about the START program.  It's a good start to a healthier lifestyle.