Georgia Studebaker Meet hosted in Albany

April 12, 2008
Albany--It's been decades since they stopped making them, but Studebakers are still on the road and running.
This weekend, the South Georgia Studebaker's Drivers Club sponsored the 5th Georgia State meet, to show-off some of the nostalgic cars. The company began building wagons which helped settle the Western U.S. and transition to building cars in the early 1900's.
People from as far as Indiana and Tennessee showed up to be part of the meet.
"Right here we've got seven different states represented here today, and I don't know how many car clubs we've got represented. But this has really been a good meet, Albany has been good to us." Said meet chairman Loren Hendley.
Studebaker stopped its car and truck building in 1966.
If you missed the antique cars in Albany this weekend you can make plans to attend the International Studebaker Meet in Pennsylvania this September.