ViewPoint: Legislature falls short again

April 8, 2008

The Peach State is unique in many positive ways. Unfortunately, Georgia is now unique in a negative way.

Since Indiana passed legislation requiring the use of seat belts in pick-up trucks, Georgia is now the lone hold-out in the nation that does not require their use in pick-ups.

What is going on???

The evidence for increased survivability when seat belts are worn when people are involved in a wreck is overwhelming.

Our legislators seem to get that point,  to pass the law requiring seat belts in cars, but they must think that being conveyed in a pick-up renders one immune to injury- or death--  in a crash!

Several times a year, we report on a fatality in a wreck involving a pick-up that would likely have been avoided-- had the victim worn the seat belt.

A recent example is the fatal wreck that happened March 26th in Worth County.

Young people already believe they're immortal, and we don't need the state reinforcing that notion.

When will we get enough?  When will our Gold Dome leaders find the gumption to require seat belt use in pick-ups on public roads?

If folks want to ride the peanut patch or the deer trails unbuckled, that is their call...

But we need to send the message that seat belts are good things, and pick-up truck collisions are just as deadly as any other kind.