ViewPoint: Baseball chief needs to step up

April 10, 2008

Though not unexpected,  it was still very sad when the South Coast League announced last week it was canceling the 2008 season.   

However, what is even worse is that the man who is responsible for the league's massive financial debt will likely never be held accountable for his actions.   That man is now former South Coast League president and chief executive officer Jamie Toole.

The league's press release on March 28th blamed the nation's struggling economy for its financial troubles. That is simply not true.     

Jamie Toole's reckless spending and unrealistic revenue projections are why the South Coast League owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to former employees, suppliers and others after its one and only season.  

Some of these have or will have to take legal action to collect what they are owed. Even if they win in court, the chances of them getting a dime from the league are likely very slim.     

While communities in Albany and Macon have to deal with the stigma of losing a professional sports franchise,  there are many people who have mortgages to pay and families to support that will have to tighten their financial belts because of the South Coast League.  

The South Coast League says it wants to pay its debts but that realistically doesn't seem possible when you cannot generate revenue because you are not playing baseball.  

The league says it still hopes to play baseball in 2009.   We say not before you pay off every dime you owe.