Biggest Loser Contestant Natavia Hawkins

Natavia Hawkins
Natavia Hawkins

Starting weight: 268
Weight goal: 150

"I need to lose weight for my health. I feel tired all the time. I have a 20-month-old and it is hard to keep up with her due to my weight. I want to live longer and be healthier so that I will be able to enjoy my family and others."

Weigh-In Progress:

Date Weight Weight Loss
April 23 265lbs 3lbs
May 22  262lbs 3lbs


Natavia Hawkins Progress Blog


Well I have lost weight, but not the way I wanted.  I have changed the way I eat.  The good thing is that the inches has made a difference.  I have lost a lot of body fat.  Underneath I am healthier and that counts.


Well things have came up that I was not expecting.  I have been doing cardio and noticing a pain in my chest.  I spoke with my doctor and he wants me to see a cardiologist and have a ultrasound done.  I am concern about that.  When I started this competition I was wearing a size 28 and I now I can wear a size 22.  The pounds are coming off slow b ut the inches are pilling.

I feel like the scale is my enemy.  I work so hard, watch what I eat and still I am not getting the results that I would like.  My husband and everyone else say that they can tell.  I am probably to hard on myself.  This competion has changed my life with healthy habits.


Well I must say that it has not been easy.  I did not weigh this week, becasue I did not want to be disappointed.  I slowed down last week on my workouts, but I am picking back up.  I did something bad this past week.  I tried two crazy diets.

The first diet was a cabbage diet and well I believe that it works, but if you have health conditions it may not.  I take medicine for reflux and without thinking that the soup is full of acidic things. The best way is to eat the right size portions and workout.  The diets are short term, but the way I am eating now is long term.

I pray that next week I will see some pounds come off.  I pray on the hard days and trust in God to get me through.


I am sorry I did not send anything in last week.  I lost 4 pounds, but I lost even more inches.  When I weighed in this week, I gained 2 pounds.  I was very upset, because I have been following my diet as given and working out

The trainer told me that muscle weighs more that fat.  I have been lifting weights and going to the Body pump class.  The reason for the 2 pounds is that .  I am hoping for better results next week.

The reason why I am encouraged is that I can wear clothes that I could not before.  A young lady that I meet at the gym told me that she went from a size 14 to a 10 weighing the same thing.  She lost inches and that is great, but I do need to loose pounds in this contest.

By the grace of God in the coming weeks we will be able to see some pounds fall off.


Well the first week was hard, but I made it through.  I have my diet plan and you have to measure everything.  That is hard for me to make sure I am eating the right portion sizes.  I did a class this week and I am sore from it.

A good thing is that I have lost inches.  I went to a store where the clothes were to small for me before, but I can fit into some of them now.  Remember inches count.


I started my first workout.  I got my measurements and current weight.  Working out on the equipment was difficult, but I pushed myself anyway.

When you workout and see how long it takes to burn calories, you really start to think about everything you put in your mouth.  I count the claories and look at the portion size that I am eating.

I am trying to get used to drinking more water.  I really  hate drinking water, but it is healthy for you.  I am happy to have the chance to go through the 12 week workout plan.  My husband and family are very supportive.

Hopefully you will see some results soon.  I want to say thanks again for everyone who voted for me.