ViewPoint: Who pulled the radio Plug?

We have heard from so many of you saying what happened to the WALB 6 pm news on the radio on B-100, we must let you know, we are sorry, but it was not our decision to make.

We have for a long time granted permission to local radio stations to air our news programs for free, even selling their own commercials inside our news.

We consider this an extension of our public service to make news available to you, on the way to work, on the way home, on the way in town, or out of town.

Just recently we received an e-mail stating: "due to budget concerns, we will no longer be carrying WALB news."

It is of course, their business and their choice to make.

It is sad enough that most radio stations do not hire the first news, weather or sports employee, to warn or educate the public they serve, but to not even air an existing news program handed to them, is hard to explain.

I can not see how they maintain an FCC broadcast license, without that minimum commitment.

We warn local radio stations if you are hanging you hopes on being successful just by playing music, the tremendous growth of i-Pod use, and new satellite music services  XM and Sirius, will simply put you out of business.