ViewPoint: Nation's capital doesn't want armed citizens

March 18, 2008

The Supreme Court of the United States is considering a case which outlaws handguns in the nation's capital.

The District of Columbia has perhaps the most restrictive gun laws in America.  It bans ownership of handguns-- by private citizens.

The district was sued and lost. Now D. C. is trying to convince the high court that the lower court was wrong and that handguns are wrong for the citizens.

Their lawyers quote statistics that indicate that 80% of murders in the district are done with a gun.

We'd like to ask D.C. if keeping pistols out of the hands of law abiding citizens will do anything about those people who break the law.

Aren't the chances pretty good that the illegal gun owners are the very people who are committing these murders?

The problem with D. C. 's crime rate isn't the presence of handguns. It's the presence of criminals.

Leaving the law-abiding citizens of the nation's capital to the mercy of thugs- who will always have THEIR guns- won't help the district's crime rate.

It will only perpetuate it.