EZlase Soft Tissue Laser

Completing the look after braces.

The new EZlaseTM Soft Tissue Laser was created by BIOLASE with one objective in mind: to make soft tissue procedures easier for dentists and more comfortable for patients.

With a wide array of FDA approved procedures, the EZlaseTM is ideal for use by dentists and hygienists. Our dental laser allows us to treat many gum procedures, previously only treatable by traditional periodontal surgery.

Unlike periodontal surgery, diode laser treatments are much less invasive and can achieve similar results.  Following diode laser gum treatments, the patient exhibits minimal discomfort and can usually resume normal activities the next day.  With no stitches, bleeding, and virtually no pain, this is an excellent alternative for many who fear traditional periodontal surgery.

The fact that the laser can remove diseased tissue, kill the bacteria that cause the disease, and stimulates healing makes offering our patients laser therapy a big advantage over traditional methods.  Our dental laser can also be used to treat apthous ulcers and herpetic lesions, and to desensitize teeth.