ViewPoint: When Chief does right, we say so

March 11, 2008

Last month when we found out at the Albany Police department had surveillance video showing some of its own ranking officers talking with one another during a test, we were critical of Chief James Younger's characterization of the matter, saying it was not cheating.

Now the chief still says there is no evidence three supervising officers cheated, but he took strong disciplinary action because of the of what he calls the "appearance of impropriety."

"However just the conversation itself gave the appearance of impropriety, and therefore was improper conduct," Chief Younger said.

Captain Jones will retire rather than accept discipline  Sgt. Heath will be demoted to corporal.  Lt. Luster will be suspended for ten days without pay.

Chief, we agree with your strong disciplinary actions.  Police officers are here to enforce the rules of law and they must be held to high standards.

While the officers actions gave the department a black eye, the fact that you will not put up with this kind if thing sends the right message to all of your officers and to the community.