ViewPoint: Commerce depends on traffic flow

February 21, 2008

We talked about it, studied it, and now it's time to do something about the horrible traffic congestion at Nottingham and Ledo Roads in Albany.

Albany traffic engineers have studied the area for a year.  All the while, it's continued to grow... and so have traffic problems.

Engineers say there are two possible solutions to ease the congestion: widen Nottingham to six lanes for $64 million, or put in additional turn lanes along Nottingham for $12 million.

But they say both solutions cost too much.

They came up with the idea for an overpass from Achwood to Ledo, but that can't be done without a state traffic study and, surprisingly, one's not been done since Wal-Mart opened seven years ago.

So while engineers scratch their heads and try to figure out what to do, traffic is worsening.

We say it's time to make a decision, bite the bullet and spend the money, and help make that growing area of Albany a place where people in surrounding communities will want to come shop and spend money, not a place they dread driving through.