ViewPoint: APD testees seen talking during test

February 21, 2008

An internal affairs investigation is going on at the Albany Police Department to determine whether three high ranking officers cheated on an exam.

The officers, Captains and Lieutenants, were caught on videotape talking to each other during the written exam at the law enforcement center January 18th.

We were surprised last week when our police chief said it's not an investigation into cheating. And listen to his reasoning:

"There are no indications at all because, number 1, there would have been no benefit to anybody trying to use somebody else's information," said Younger. "This was not a promotional exam.  It had no impact on anyone's performance appraisal or anything like that, so there's no benefit to that."

OK, Let's think about that. If the officers couldn't benefit from the exam, why are they wasting time taking it? The exam was a test on arrest procedures.

I don't know about you, but I'd prefer that our officers know about arrest procedures, and be able to take and pass a test on their own, about the subject.

And if they were talking or sharing info during the exam, last time I checked that was cheating, and you get a zero on the test.

For now, we'll indulge the chief in his seeming game of semantics, and wait and see the results of this investigation.

But for the record, calling it something else, doesn't mean it's anything less than cheating.