ViewPoint: Be ready for weather

February 19, 2008

It seems lately the severe weather chances have increased,  last march we had deadly tornadoes, in December more bad tornadoes, and again in January. This month the weather forecasters point to an almost weekly likelihood that somebody in South Georgia will deal with severe weather.

WALB news investigated just where we stand in many of our South Georgia when it comes to severe weather preparedness.  We are sad to report that in many cases, we are not prepared.  It's time for local and state governments to put warning systems in place to warn and therefore protect our people. 

Some places may need sirens, others may help support a weather radio program.  There is no one simple answer.  For our part, WALB will always be here alerting you when severe weather is heading your way, but we know, many people are not near a TV all of the time. 

City council members and County commissioners- make it your business to help save lives in all south Georgia counties.  Get systems in place, give your emergency responders the tools they need to serve and protect your citizens.