ViewPoint: Lawmakers should deal with water

February 12, 2008

The Georgia legislature meets for 40 days each year.  For the amount of real work that actually gets done, that's probably about 35 days too many. 

Hundreds of bills are introduced, but a relative few ever become law.  Then there is resolution after resolution after resolution. Those are just statements of support for something or somebody and don't carry any teeth of law.  The legislators spend a lot of time sending them through. 

There's even a bill in Mississippi legislature that would make it illegal for restaurants to serve fat people.  What a waste of time for Mississippi lawmakers.  Georgia Lawmakers don't join that parade. Leave fat people alone.  Here's something you can do. Do something about water.   

Last summer's drought shows just how unprepared the state is for growth and a shortage of rainfall.  Plans have been in the works for years on building more water reservoirs, but nothing was done. 

Georgia law makers, if you can't do anything else,  make sure you give your citizens a drink of water.