ViewPoint: ATI executive's departure

As a member of the Board of Directors of Albany Tomorrow, it's embarrassing for me to have to address the handling of the recent departure of ATI's Executive Director.

The fact is, the resignation of Kenneth Weaver was mishandled.

While I am loyal to this board, my first priority is making sure the public's right to know is protected.

When Kenneth Weaver's resignation was abruptly announced last week, there was absolutely no reason given and no explanation offered from the man who accepted his resignation - Board Chairman Dr. C.W. Grant. 

When the media questioned Dr. Grant about it, he refused to even say whether Weaver was fired or resigned after just three months on the job.

It took days for reporters to finally get the answers and then, the only person who offered an explanation was Executive Committee member Emily Jean McAfee.

Apparently, the executive committee determined Weaver wasn't up for the job and told him so, and he resigned.

Perhaps his departure is the right thing; however, the way it was handled was wrong.

Albany Tomorrow spends our tax money and has no business cloaking its actions in secrecy.

Even if what's going on is in the best interest of the public, it looks bad when it's done secretly.

As a member of the ATI Board and, more importantly, as a public watchdog, I encourage this board and all boards who represent the public's interests to do so openly, to remember you are accountable and you do owe the public an explanation of your actions. All of them.