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Amnesty has a time limit

 February 1, 2008

 Albany --  Fewer than 100 people have come forward during Albany Municipal Court's Amnesty period.

A week ago, more than two thousand people were offered amnesty if they would come forward and pay their fines for what are mostly traffic violations.  

The judge even offered to wave fees and penalties. But so far, there aren't many takers. Judge Willie Weaver says those who don't respond soon will find themselves in much more trouble.      

"If they do not come in during the amnesty period, what's going to happen is a warrant team developed by code enforcement and the police department together, will start knocking on doors in the middle of the night, in the morning, going to your job, putting you in jail. It's going to be embarrassing and you're going to be in jail," said the judge.

The amnesty program ends February 29th.


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