ViewPoint: Don't hamstring business!

January 21, 2008

At Tuesday's City Commission meeting, the commission might grant the liquor license for the new Beef-O-Brady's near Darton College.

If you recall, last year, the city bent over backwards to grant a license to a questionable nightclub location in East Albany, which has since gone out of business.

Even though the ordinance was rewritten to clear things up, now we seem to be trying to go out of our way to keep a great new business from opening. The last five restaurants that have opened complained to us about how hard it was to get through the red tape and open their business.

How can the City and County forget what was done after the flood of 1994. Because of the need for so many businesses to be inspected and re-approved for re-opening, they created a one-stop-shopping location to simplify the procedure.

Why was this common sense system done away with???

Every month a new complaint is made about improper or lack of code enforcement. Only last week, the Doublegate County Club's food inspection grade, was grossly incorrect when it was released to the public.

The numerous hoops  to jump through, at different locations, with unclear procedures for inspections and mistakes along the way, is it any wonder we struggle to have more businesses willing to take the risk of opening in our fair city?

We need to quickly develop an easy step by step process at one business friendly location and fix this poor attempt at business development.