Adel City Councilman works to take back his neighborhood

January 21, 2008

Adel - An Adel City Councilman says drugs and crime are becoming a huge problem in his district.

"We have got to work in this area. We have got to get out here and we have to work to stop these drug dealers," says Gregory Paige, Councilman for District One, Post Two.

He says there are three major problem areas in the city, on 2nd, 9th and 16th street.   "What I'm being told, we get no attention out here and I've constantly and consistently asked for help."

He says these are minority areas and believes this is one reason they are being ignored.   "Its truly my belief if it was on the other side of town, it would be different and this is what people are telling me when they call," he says.

Paige was recently sworn in for his second term as city councilman and says he'll spend his next four years appealing to the mayor, city manager and police to aggressively patrol these areas, start neighborhood watch groups and give this community the attention it deserves.

"I got four years. With these four years a head of me, I'm going to look out for senior citizens and these young people. The drug deals going on in this area, they are going to stop on this watch!"

He says if they work together, he believes they can take back this neighborhood and rid it's streets of crime.