ViewPoint: Albany's sign ordinance

January  10, 2008

Once again, the city has run into trouble, due to the lack of code enforcement. This time it's the outside sign ordinance.

The rules were clear on the limits on these new flashing, and rapidly changing outdoor signs. But with no fines handed out on the violators, one violation quickly led to a total of 35 illegal signs. They are inappropriate for our city's environment and a dangerous distraction for drivers.

How could city officials miss these going up week after week, they're giant flashing signs?

In this week's sign task force meeting it was alleged that limiting these signs is anti-business. Not at all... our ordinance is actually protecting the hundreds of businesses that are following the rules.

Good sign ordinances make for first class communities. You may have seen some metro Atlanta communities that have strong ordinances and are very attractive.

Be sure you go and look at one of these illegal picture hundreds of these that will quickly litter our roadways.  They now are changing messages as quickly as every ten seconds...

Our sign ordinance should defend our decision not to look like Las Vegas or run down parts of Panama City.  

We commend those working on updating the sign ordinance, and recommend to the city, that limiting these ugly flashing signs is most reasonable, and consistent with our small town feel and perception as the good life city.