ViewPoint: A good idea from the grand jury

January  8, 2008

Dougherty County Grand Jury completed it's work just before Christmas, presented with evidence on 141 indictments.

It is the common practice at this time to also make what are called public presentments. These are comments on a variety of community issues from their perspective. This is the second suggestion which was unanimous among the 23 community representatives.

We recommend implementation of a school uniform dress code for all grades (K-12) in order to:

  • Reduce peer pressure from other students
  • Identify strangers on campus
  • Reduce classroom distractions
  • Set a professional tone for learning
  • Send a positive message to visitors

And to facilitate all other positive means for an improved educational environment.

We say this is a long overdue change and the school board and school superintendent who works for you should address this issue immediately.

Ask them why are they dragging their feet on something so important?