WALB-TV is one of the top rated stations in America!

According to the November, 2007 statistics published by Nielsen Media Research, the gold standard for television viewership, your favorite TV station ranks in the top 10 in practically every category measured!

Did you know there are only two NBC stations with a bigger share of their market than WALB?

A station in Lake Charles, Louisiana has 25.8 percent of its market's viewers, and the NBC affiliate bin Boise, Idaho has 25.6, while WALB has 25.3% of the Albany market.

However, WALB has a bigger "pie" of viewers: An 8.1 Household rating, whereas those other affiliates have 7.8 and 6.5, respectively!

In terms of market dominance among all networks affiliations, WALB-TV comes in at 15th in the entire nation!  That includes prime-time, which hasn't been too great for NBC lately.

When you look at morning shows, Today in Georgia comes in at #2 in the whole country! An incredible 65.3% of the people watching TV in the Albany market at 6:00AM weekdays are watching Karla, Ruthie, and Chris on WALB!

The 5:00AM early bird version of the show comes in at #37 in America, and that's among all networks, not just NBC stations!

WALB-TV's Noon news program ranks #20 among all stations for market share, as 38.5% of all people watching TV in Albany are watching WALB during the noon hour.

In the early news category, WALB-TV's 6:00 newscast is ranked 7th in the United States, with 54.4% of viewers watching. The six stations ahead of WALB are all in smaller markets, which means those viewers have fewer sources to get news than folks in Albany have, which means South Georgians have more choices, but they CHOOSE to watch WALB!

WALB's 5:00PM newscast is ranked #22 in America, and remember, working people don't get off work until 5:00!

WALB's 49.0% Share at 11:00PM ranks ninth in the USA, and seven of the eight stations ahead of us are in those smaller markets. That eighth station has only .2% larger share, but WALB has more households watching than they do.

When you watch WALB, or buy ads on WALB, most of South Georgia is too!