Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our daily mission is to demonstrate that Jesus Christ makes the difference in our lives.

  Our Vision

The vision of First Baptist Church is to become known as the church that helps people        experience new beginnings in life through Jesus Christ.

Established in Relationships

Evident in Our Actions

Enrich Our Lives

Our Core Values

The core values that enable us to fulfill our mission and attain our vision are:

Vibrant Worship--   Worship that resonates from a personal relationship with Christ

Relational Evangelism--  Evangelism that grows out of our relationships

Transforming Discipleship--  Discipleship that makes us more like Christ

Compassionate Service--  Service that is poured from a compassionate heart

Inclusive Fellowship--  Fellowship in which everyone counts

Partnership Missions--  Missions built on the development of partnerships

Effectual Prayer--   Prayer that changes lives