ViewPoint: Who's a role model for young girls?

Do you know who Jessica Alba, Lily Allen or Jamie Lynn Spears are?  If you don't, ask your teenage daughter... she'll know and she can also tell you what these young women have in common.

For starters, they are all celebrities.  16-year old Jamie Lynn Spears stars in Zoey 101, a show that targets pre-teens on kid TV network Nickelodeon... and she's pop-star Brittany Spears' little sister.

22-year-old Lily Allen is a chart-topping pop singer and 26-year-old Jessica Alba is a young movie star.

So other than being celebrities, what do these young ladies have in common?  All three are pregnant, and you guessed it, none of them is married.

Regardless of whether they set out to be role models, those teeny-bopper stars are anyway.

What does the message "single, young and pregnant" say to your kids?

That it's okay to have unprotected sex?  That's it's okay to have a baby at 16?  That it's cool?

If they're pregnant, you better believe they're at risk of getting an STD too, but they probably won't announce that "surprise" in a tabloid magazine.

These young starlets not only risk bringing a child into what will likely be an unstable home environment, they demean what the mission of marriage and parenthood is supposed to be about.

Two people, who have made a loving commitment to each other, bringing a child into a loving, nurturing home.

Georgia has the 8th highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation... and the pregnancy rate in Southwest Georgia is even higher with at least two teenagers getting pregnant EVERY day.

So what can you do?  As a parent, try being a role model to your own child.

Don't count on MTV or Nickelodeon to set a good example, be one yourself... and maybe your child will grow up to be the kind of role model kids really need these days.