ViewPoint: What does the grand jury think?

The Dougherty County Grand Jury has completed it's work for the November term, presented with evidence on 141 indictments.

It is the common practice at this time to also make what are called public presentments. These are comments on a variety of community issues from their perspective. This is the first suggestion which was unanimous among the 23 community representatives.

The citizens of Dougherty County have the right and are qualified to determine the form of government that will represent them now and in the future. 

We recommend that the ongoing process of determining whether or not Albany and Dougherty County should be a fully consolidated government should be delayed no further and both the City and County commissions should approve the efforts of the charter commission. 

The Grand Jury makes no specific recommendations regarding whether or not both governments should consolidate, but acknowledges that the voters should have the right to determine, on their own, their versions of self rule; steps are currently in place to allow and to protect their rights as citizens of Albany and Dougherty County to ultimately determine the form of government that they so choose. 

Further delays by either the City or County commissions are not acceptable and we recommend that both bodies give their full and immediate support to the process.  In addition, we recommend that they schedule forums to educate citizens fully regarding the consolidation process.