ViewPoint: What a mess, this BCS!

It has now been ten years since the Bowl Championship Series was unleashed upon the college football world.

A "fool proof" plan to crown a true national champion in college football.

The plan showed its cracks three years ago when an unbeaten Auburn team was not allowed to play for a national championship.

This season has proven the BCS to be the utter failure for a completely different reason.

There are not two teams who have proven they clearly belong in the national championship game in New Orleans.

LSU and Ohio State will play for the national title but Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Southern Cal and Georgia all have legitimate arguments for playing in the big game.

This scenario will continue to happen.

Which is why it is time to flush this current BCS system and install a true playoff.

If the NCAA has a playoff for every other level of football, it can have one at its highest division.

The main reason why there is not a playoff is the bowl system which pumps millions of dollars into athletic deparment budgets.

We at WALB have a plan that keeps the bowls happy and would end the debate about who should play for national championships.

First you take the six BCS conference champions and two at-large teams and let them play each other in the first Saturday in December.

Two weeks later the four winners meet in the semifinals. With those two winners advancing to a BCS bowl game to play for the national championship.

The other six teams would fill the slots in the other three bowl games with the Rose Bowl keeping its Big Ten-Pac Ten matchup if available.

Imagine the fan interest and corporate and television network interest for such a format.

And the bowls will still have their big games.

But most important, it gives coaches, players and fans something we all deserve. Peace of mind in knowing that the team that is awarded the national championship trophy truly is the national champion of college football.