Drought conditions hurting nursery business

November 16, 2007

Albany-- Lingering drought conditions in Georgia are making it hard for some nursery owners to keep their doors open. Wednesday saw Norcross based Pike Family Nurseries file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection blaming the severe drought conditions.

While drought conditions have also persisted in Southwest Georgia, local ABC Nursery owner Greg Daniell says his business has not been as adversely affected as nurseries in North Georgia.

"Well so far we have not really been affected, but hopefully we will get enough rain this winter to where it won't affect us next year. Were on wells here at our nursery where we pump our own water and we also sit on aquifers here in South Georgia so we can pump plenty of water right now and hopefully that won't change" said Daniell.

Daniell does say however, if the drought conditions do not improve this winter he may see a down turn in business come spring time.

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