Drought not expected to improve this winter

October 25, 2007

Albany -- State Climatologist David Stooksbury said  that while we may get rain over the winter, it won't be enough to reverse the severe drought.

Georgia legislative leaders Thursday unveiled a plan to build a network of state reservoirs in north Georgia to prevent water shortages during future droughts. 

To conserve water Governor Perdue has asked all state agencies to cut back their water usage. That means no matter how dirty Department of Natural Resource Vehicles get in south Georgia's woods, they'll stay that way.

"We're not washing them like we normally do, usually this time of year we're washing them once or twice a week just to keep them clean," said Captain Jeff Swift of the Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement.

The Southwest Georgia Public Health Department sent out memos to their staff of 300 not only asking employees to conserve water at work, but also at home, suggesting shorter showers.

"The same thing goes for the additional water that you may have after you've rinsed something at the sink, take that water and use it for indoor, outdoor plants, don't just let it go straight on down the drain. Being cognizant of your trash disposal usage," says Emergency Preparedness Director Julie Miller.

It's all to help out with Georgia's drought. Climatologists say there's little hope of major recovery through at least the spring leaving virtually no reserve for next summer. State leaders unveiled a plan to build more state reservoirs for future drought prevention.

"This is one piece of the equation we want to continue to make sure that conservation is a huge priority for our state," said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

Until then they say everyone can do their part to protect Georgia's water resources.

"I think it's important for everybody whether it be an office or a state employee or just a normal citizen if we can conserve all that we can conserve we will have done at least all we can do," said Swift.

Because something as simple as turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth can save gallons of water.