Governor Speaks Out About Water Problem

October 24, 2007

West Point - - As the worst drought in Georgia history continues, Governor Sonny Perdue Wednesday called on state agencies to get the word out about how important it is to conserve water. 

Speaking at a visibly low West Point Lake, Perdue ordered state agencies to reduce water consumption by 10 to 15 percent at state owned facilities. Part of the problem he says is the Army Corps of Engineers using millions of gallons of Georgia water every day to send downstream for Florida and Alabama.

"Alabama is trying to use these insane rules of the fish and wildlife and the Corps of Engineers to dry Georgia up and were not going to let it happen," Perdue said.

He issued an executive order to the Department of Natural Resources to identify practical measures to help reduce consumption. The drought is hitting so hard, parts of North Georgia are on a complete outdoor watering ban.

Perdue is waiting to hear back from Washington on declaring the drought-stricken region a federal disaster area.