ViewPoint: Death Penalty is needed

October 23, 2007

More than one hundred people are on death row in Georgia.  And there they will stay-- it would seem. Again, the method used to put our worst criminals to death is in question. 

Georgia legally hanged 500 inmates between 1725 and 1925. Another 450 people died in Georgia's electric chair From 1925 until 2000.

Then in the name of being less cruel in 2000 Georgia went to Lethal Injection.   But this week, that method of execution, is in question.

 The U. S. Supreme Court is considering the matter, and until the high court decides, the Georgia Supreme Court made it clear it will stay any planned Georgia executions.  The court stayed two cases in the past week, one in which people were murdered back in 1974.

So here we go again. Will Georgia have a death penalty at all?  The state already spends hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting and defending Georgia cruelest criminals as they go through appeal after appeal. 

It is all just a waste of time?  We say NO.  We urge our state leaders to stay the course.  Keep our death penalty in place.  We do not  need to punish with jail time alone. 

Georgia should put to death, by some method, those who commit the most heinous of crimes.