WALB's Most Wanted: George Dennis Kelly

October 22, 2007

Albany -- A man that you, our viewers, helped catch is on the loose again!

Thirty-seven year old George Dennis Kelly of Albany was arrested October 16th, not long after we showed his picture on Most Wanted.

Kelly, whose street name is "Young Blood" was wanted for cocaine and car theft charges.

While on the run, Kelly apparently got into a fight and was injured. When Dougherty County Police caught him, they took him to the hospital for treatment of those injuries and turned him over to the custody of Albany Police.

Kelly was admitted to the hospital and Albany Police put an officer on guard outside his hospital room door.

But, two days later, Albany Police made the decision to remove the guard and, you guessed it, Kelly checked out, as in ESCAPED.

Albany Police defend their decision to remove the guard, saying they didn't think Kelly was a flight risk.

So now, he's on the loose again and returns to WALB's Most Wanted.