ViewPoint: Don't sit silent

October 16, 2007

Month after month and year after year, local government calls public hearings to hear what the citizens have to say about issues that affect our lives and very often our bank accounts. 

In hearing after hearing, unfortunately, almost no one shows up.  No one says "we like your decisions", no one says "we dislike your decisions."

Certainly we have a representative form of government, electing commissioners to make decisions.  But that does not mean we elect them and leave them alone. 

In early American history it took only about 150 citizens to make headlines in an act of defiance.  Their cry was for proper representation for the taxes they paid. 

So they destroyed a cherished product to make their point.  It took many years but they finally got their representation. 

And this week 200 people in Dougherty County said "Wait, we want to be heard.  We don't like the way we are being  taxed."

We don't have to dress up like Mohawk Indians.  We don't have to dump tea in the Flint River.  And we don't need a revolution. 

What we do need is what we got this week.  We need good citizens to speak up.  Tell your elected officials what you think about their decisions whether you agree or disagree.