ViewPoint: Downtown needs a boost now

October 11, 2007

A big blow to downtown Albany revitalization came this week with the announcement that one of downtown Albany's most successful businesses is moving.

The Harvest Moon Restaurant has anchored downtown development for six years. The owner,  Bo Henry, has been an outspoken advocate for development of the area, but he could shoulder the lack of business for only so long.

Henry announced this week he's moving the Harvest Moon to northwest Albany.

We can't criticize him for going where the people are - that's the key to a successful business.

But his departure from downtown certainly draws into question whether downtown Albany's success is attainable or just a pipe dream.

If downtown is to succeed, it's going to take a community-wide effort from the people who live and shop in Albany, to the downtown property owners, to the city government leaders and economic developers.

  It will benefit us all to have a thriving downtown and we hope the Harvest Moon's departure doesn't mean the end of downtown growth.