WALB's Most Wanted: Antoinette Chanel Taylor

A former department store employee who went on a shopping spree with someone else's credit card.

23-year old Antoinette Chanel Taylor, a former employee at Dillard's at the Albany Mall.

There are 25 warrants out for her arrest for credit fraud fraud, identify theft and computer theft.

Police tell us that Taylor punched in someone else's credit card number and racked up nearly $2,500 in merchandise at Dillard's before they caught on and fired her.

She's also charged with making a fraudulent credit card purchase over the phone at R&S Sports to the tune of almost $450.

Now take a good look at her. This is a fairly recent photo. It's from earlier this year when she was in trouble for driving with a suspended license.

Taylor is 5 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds. Her last known address was on Georgia Avenue, the former military housing over at Turner Field.

This young woman has ripped off a lot of people and needs to be caught. If you know where Antoinette Chanel Taylor is, please call Albany Police.