Welcome to the Nutrition Neighborhood

You've heard it takes a village to raise a child.

But what's in or not in your village could impact how much your child weighs, explains San Diego State University researcher Jim Sallis.

Sallis, said, "It might have a lot of fast food all the way to it might just have tons of healthy food options. We're going to look at neighborhoods with parks and without parks and we're going to look at neighborhoods where you can walk to the local store or couldn't walk to the local store."

The four year San Diego State study recruits kids like 9-year-old Johan Sheldon and his family.

"We've fought obesity in my family and we're taking it very seriously to keep our kids active," said neighborhood study participant Lisa Shelton.

A computerized activity monitor keeps track of Johan's activities.

Sheldon said, "What time he went out to play, where he would go, what kind of activities he was doing, whether he was going to the park, to the zoo, to the mall, to the park and where in San Diego we were going when he was active."

While his mother keeps the family's diet diary.

"What it is he eating, did I buy it that day, was it an impulse buy - did I take him out for fast food," said Shelton.

Providing important feedback for the Sheldons' and perhaps future weight friendly neighborhoods.

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