ViewPoint: Gang Task Force

October 4, 2007

A five page letter of complaint from the District Attorney's office to the Mayor and City manager started with our newscast on Sept. 25th

Where Mr. Lott said: "We should consider forming an anti-gang task force."

The first take-away from the letter is why did city leaders not know of the ongoing efforts to address this very serious problem?

There has been not shortage of gang activity, followed by plenty of publicity and meetings about the problem.

There have also been months of meetings in which the Albany Police Dept. attended with all law enforcement agencies, but did not share intelligence. APD also pursued its own database, rather than sharing a consolidated gang intelligence database, agreed by all, to be perfect for the mission.

Second and most troubling about this long letter is that communication and co-operation is still so poor between APD and their co-workers in law enforcement.  It's a very bad sign that this is what is required to bring issues to the table. 

Was nothing learned during the recent SWAT meltdown?

The public's safety is at risk as long as individuals or units will not function as a team to accomplish the common goal of ridding our city of gangs.