ViewPoint: School bus drivers strike

October 3, 2007

The walkout by a dozen Dougherty County School bus drivers Friday raises serious concerns about their judgement.

These men and women are entrusted with our children; they are in charge of making sure they get to and from school safely 180 days a year; yet, they clearly gave those children no thought when they walked off their jobs last week.

We acknowledge that there were miscommunications over their pay; however, their concerns could have been raised and addressed without the unnecessary disruption caused by abandoning nearly 800 kids. 

School system leaders are considering whether these drivers should be disciplined. We believe the lack of judgement and selfishness the drivers displayed are grounds for discipline. 

At the same time more than 100 drivers were on the job and made sure every child got home safely.  Thank you four your good judgement.  We hope in the future, all bus drivers will remember their top priority is, and should continue to be, the children.