ViewPoint: GSP report should tell the story

September 6, 2007

On June 27th, 21 year old, Billy Klewitz died when a fleeing drug suspect was literally chased to his death. 

With police in hot pursuit, Bobby Jones drove head on into Billy's car at almost 100 miles per hour. 

The night of the crash, witnesses told us the Albany Drug Unit car was driving at a high rate of speed, but authorities insisted the officer never exceeded 60 miles per hour. 

Many found that hard to believe and as it turns out; it just wasn't true.  The Georgia State Patrol's special accident investigation team's preliminary report says both the fleeing car and the police car were driving 96 miles per hour on Old Leesburg Road. 

Authorities are still standing by the officer saying he acted appropriately.  But we now question just how appropriate was it to lead the public to believe that the police car was driving no more than 60 mph when it was really racing at 96 mph.   

Surely the officer knew the truth about how fast he was driving.  How are we to believe what officers tell us about their own actions when this appears to be a cover up, now uncovered?    

Thank you Georgia State Patrol for getting the truth out.  We now await your full finished report and the release of all the evidence in this case, including what must be a telling video from the police officer's car.