ViewPoint: Lee takes a positive step

August 29, 2007

One of the fastest growing counties in the nation took a big step Tuesday toward ensuring future growth.

Commissioners in Lee County agreed to do away with expensive impact fees for commercial developers,  and they slashed the fees for residential developers by more than 50 percent.

They did so over the objections of just one commissioner, Jo Ealum, who says Lee Countians will have to pay now or pay later.

She says the move guarantees a property tax increase.

We disagree. We believe that impact fees are not business friendly and discourage commercial and residential growth.

And when counties don't expand their tax bases, the burden falls on existing taxpayers.

We believe the vote to create a friendlier business environment will benefit all Lee Countians and we applaud the commissioners who voted to rescind fees that should never have been put into place.