Want AC? Act fast!

August 16, 2007

  Albany -- As South Georgia swelters under this heat wave, air conditioners are flying off store shelves.  

Retailers we talked to are calling other outlets looking for more units. They say if the heat wave continues, they'll soon be out of stock.          

"Trying to keep them on the shelf and in stock has been extremely difficult," said Lowe's Zone Manager Craig Bludworth.  "There's been a huge demand for them. We've had to call around to our more northern stores and other places trying to get extra shipments in, we've found a few, but they're few and far between."  

Home Depot and other hardware stores say they've experienced the similar demand. Fans are also in high demand along with air conditioner supplies like filters and cleaners as people try to keep their units working.

Managers at Lowe's say they're usually done with their air conditioner business and are stocking shelves with heating supplies by this time of year.

Now they're searching the inventory at northern stores trying to keep up with the demand as window air conditioners continue to be big sellers.