ViewPoint: Golf Channel is back

August 7, 2007

South Georgia Golf fans have been crying since they have not been able to watch early round coverage of PGA Tour tournaments on their Mediacom cable.

That changed last week, with Mediacom announcing that the Golf Channel is now available on channel 72 for all analog subscribers.

The Golf Channel was on a premium digital package of channels, which required an additional purchase beyond the basic cable package.

The Golf Channel will televise 43 tournaments under the PGA tour's new television package that began this year.

The credit goes to Janine Bailey and Loretta West. These two ladies started a petition drive back in January to bring the Golf Channel to Mediacom's analog subscribers.

And the hundreds of signatures they collected convinced Mediacom to add the Golf Channel to its analog service.

This is a great example of how speaking out can have positive results. If you have a problem, go to our website and tell us about it. Many times there is a silent majority out there, that is just waiting for someone to speak out and get the ball rolling.

Our hats off to Mediacom for listening to their customers and taking positive action.

The Golf Channel will cover first and second round action of 30 tournaments and televise all four rounds of 13 PGA events for the next 15 years.