Does the LAP-BAND limit any physical activity or what I eat? What about pregnancy?

LAP-BAND does not hamper physical activity including aerobics, stretching, and strenuous exercise.

Can I eat anything in moderation?

You may eat most foods that don't cause you discomfort.  However, because you can only eat a little at any given time, it is important to include foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.  If you eat foods that contain lots of sugar and fat or drink liquids full of empty calories, such as milkshakes, the effect of the procedure may be greatly reduced or even cancelled.

What if I go out to eat?

Order only a small amount of food, such as an appetizer.  Eat slowly.  Finish at the same time as your table companions.

What about pregnancy?

Becoming pregnant can be easier as you lose weight.  Your menstrual cycle may become more regular.  If you need to eat more while you are pregnant, the band can be loosened.  After pregnancy, the band may be made tighter again, and you can resume losing weight.