ViewPoint: Satellite companies have local signals

November 12, 2007

Time for a little TV housekeeping.  Many of you who subscribe to one of the satellite services, DirecTV or DISH, have called or written to us and asked why you can't get your local Albany stations on the satellite packages.  Some of you have been told by the satellite companies that it's the stations' fault. 

Well, I want you to know that's just not so.  The TV stations here in the Albany market, all have agreements with both satellite companies allowing them to carry our channels just as soon as they provide the equipment to uplink our signal onto their systems. 

"Local-into-local", it's called in the business.

Both companies promised they'd uplink us years ago.  DISH satellite has added WALB in the immediate 17 county area, but not in the 44 counties we serve.

Direct TV has not done nothing at all.  They have uplinked the Tallahassee stations, plus those in lots of other bigger towns and cities, but not those in smaller markets like Albany, or Columbus.

What can you do about it?  Well, if you are a satellite subscriber, call your carrier and tell them you want your local TV stations on your satellite lineup.  It's what you're paying for, and it's what you have every right to expect. 

Maybe if DISH and DirecTV hear from their South Georgia customers, they'll live up to the promise they made to all of us over two years ago.