Darton College

At Darton College students find a faculty committed to academic excellence, flexible class scheduling, and the latest instructional technology – all at an affordable price. As a two-year college in the University System of Georgia, Darton offers a wide variety of transfer and career associate degrees, and one-year certificate programs. Non-credit certificates, seminars, short courses and custom-designed programs are offered through Darton's Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development.


Allied Health Division
The Allied Health Division strives to provide diverse program offerings with a comprehensive commitment to the health care learning needs of southern Georgia.

Two year degrees include:

The Associate Degree Program in Nursing at Darton College is approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing and is also accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

Comprehensive course offerings of a transfer and technical nature are offered by the Business & Social Science Division to enhance the knowledge of students and to meet the needs of the community. Areas in the Business & Social Science Division include:

The Health and Physical Education Division currently offers over sixty activity courses in the areas of team, individual and dual sports, dance, outdoor education, aquatics and fitness/wellness. In addition, seven health courses as well as online courses are offered. The Division provides offers four Associate of Science Degrees: Exercise Science Option, Recreation Option, Sports Management Option, and a Teacher Education Option. It also provides three certificate programs: Coaching, Athletic Field Maintenance and Athletic Training.


Art - The Art Program provides students with a broad overview of the basic concepts and technical skills in all the major art media.

English - The English Department provides a comprehensive post-secondary education in English to meet the diverse needs of those students who are enrolled in Learning Support, transfer, and career programs; and those who seek enrichment through the formal study of the English language and its literature as well as the literatures of other languages and cultures.

Foreign Languages - As American businesses move into the global marketplace and telecommunications break down barriers between countries, the need is greater than ever for people who can move between cultures with ease. The Darton College Foreign Language Program can help!

Journalism - Journalism prepares you for professional careers in media, broadcasting, publishing, business/industry, advertising/marketing, communications/public relations, education, and the internet.

Music - Former students are employed in various fields of music, including Performance, Music Therapy, Music education, Arts Management, Private Instruction, Music Library, and much more...

Speech Communication - A major that is useful in a variety of career choices, including social service careers and management in public or private organizations.

Theatre - The Department of Theatre prepares majors for careers in the performing arts, as well as training for those working with community, church, and school drama organizations.

The Learning Support Division provides access for under-prepared students to develop or enhance their skills and knowledge in the areas of English, mathematics, and or reading. These courses empower students to successfully pursue college-level course work. While enrolled in Learning Support coursework, students are guided by faculty members that facilitate them in accepting responsibility for their academic future. This division also supports the Regents’ Test Program by offering remedial courses.

The Division of Science and Mathematics offers numerous programs dealing with Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics.  These programs are core-based as required by the University System of Georgia, and prepare students for transfer to a senior institution.

Choose from 36 online degrees and 14 Certificates!
Online courses use a broad spectrum of technology-based instructional methods including online multimedia presentations, e-mail, discussion forums, chat rooms,  faculty web pages, and on-line assessment. Learn from anywhere, anytime! Click here to learn more...