ViewPoint: Catch those crooks!

June 5, 2007

On April 23rd, WALB News 10 launched a new crime fighting program called WALB's Most Wanted.

We teamed up with law enforcement agencies from 32 counties to catch fugitives.... people wanted on everything from murder to child molestation to drunk driving. Six weeks later, this program is enjoying success thanks to you, our viewers.

Twice a week, we've featured men and women who are on the run from law enforcement officers.

We've shown you their mug shots and told you why police are looking for them, and you've responded by picking up the phone and calling in tips about where these people can be found.

To date, we've shown you the photos of 17 fugitives. Five of them are now in jail. That's 29 percent.

Terrell County Sheriff John Bowens, who just caught a serial drunk driver thanks to you, says he wishes we had started this program sooner.

This is a great example of community members working with law enforcement agencies to keep our neighborhoods and towns safe.

Even the fugitives' realize that once their face is flashed across the screen, their days of freedom are numbered. One of them turned himself in the morning after he was featured on Most Wanted. The Dougherty County Sheriff's Sex Offender Unit says they think he surrendered because he knew someone would turn him in.

And someone, perhaps you, likely would have. WALB's Most Wanted will continue to try to get fugitives off the streets, but our success depends on you.

We encourage you to continue to watch this program and don't hesitate to call if you recognize someone. Your phone call could be the one that makes the difference.