ViewPoint: Domestic Violence

June 7, 2007

In Fitzgerald, Saturday, the parents of 18-year-old Cindy Olivares had to do what parents should never have to do-- bury their daughter. 

The natural way is that we proceed our children's death, not the other way around.  But Cindy's life was cut short.  Her life ended the same way many other women have died, the victim of domestic violence. Her  husband shot her, and then killed himself. 

Not only did parents lose a daughter, and a son in law; A small child lost both his parents.  Little Brandon is just 16 months old, barely old enough to walk but growing now an orphan. 
It's a tragic story told over and over again is big cities and small towns across America, 
We don't know if anyone could have stopped this tragedy but what we do know we should try.  

We're not talking about grabbing the gun away from an enraged man.  We're talking about intervention early on. 

If you are in or know people in abusive relationships, get help to resolve the differences before it is too late.  Don't wait until you have to attend a funeral.