Congressman comes to town with big check

June 1, 2007

Albany --  This is home ownership month, and 171 families received ownership in homes this year, thanks to loans by the United States Department of Agricultural's Rural Development office. 

Congressman Sanford Bishop received a huge check, representing money that's been distributed in his district.    

It's the ultimate goal for many.   "Home ownership and housing is one of the key elements of the American dream," said Bishop.

And thanks to the USDA, 171 more families saw their dreams come true during the past year in this area. "Our tax dollars are going to benefit low and moderate income people who need housing assistance in rural communities," the congressman said.

As represented by the whopping check of almost $6.7 Million.  "It gives a lot of self assurance and upward mobility for families improving the quality of life."

A source of pride for those who are able to purchase, and Congressman Bishop.   "I'm very grateful we can have a small part in assisting people in our area who will be able to improve their quality of life through housing."  

Almost $1 billion has been invested in Georgia through this program with more than 20,000 families becoming homeowners. For more information, contact your local office of rural development.